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Unified Threat Management Tools


  • ADTRAN NetVanta 2630W

    Strengths: Solid gateway protection at a reasonable price. Weaknesses: Documentation is minimal.

  • Astaro Security Gateway

    Strengths: Full-featured security gateway with many deployment and configuration options. Weaknesses: None that we found.

  • Cyberoam CR1000ia

    Strengths: Highly configurable with many features and protection options. Weaknesses: Policy configuration could be a little bit simpler.

  • eSoft InstaGate 604

    Strengths: Easy to deploy and configure with many features. Weaknesses: None that we found.

  • Fortinet FortiWiFi-40c

    Strengths: Affordable UTM appliance for smaller environments. Weaknesses: Advanced configuration is slightly awkward at first.

  • gateProtect GPZ 2500

    Strengths: Highly configurable and customizable with an easy-to-use management interface. Weaknesses: None that we found.

  • Kerio Technologies Kerio Control

    Strengths: Software-based UTM that is great for small environments. Weaknesses: Can become quite expensive overall, especially for medium to large enterprises.

  • M86 Secure Web Gateway v10.1

    Strengths: Scalable, strong web offering. Weaknesses: Documentation, web content filtering-only product.

  • NETGEAR ProSecure UTM9S v2.0.16-0

    Strengths: Full-featured offering at an attractive price point. Weaknesses: Centralized management is not yet available for multiple appliances, though this is coming later in 2012.

  • SmoothWall UTM-1000

    Strenghts: Scalable and full-featured. Weaknesses: Not many: configuration can be a bit complex; price.

  • SonicWALL NSA 4500 v5.8.1

    Strengths: Dashboards, packet capture tool, session initiation protocol support. Weaknesses: Nothing of real note, maybe a bit more capability in alerting.

  • VASCO Data Security aXsGUARD Gatekeeper v7.6.4

    Strenghts: Nice authentication platform; user level policy management concept. Weaknesses: Limited security functionality past authentication; interface is not easy to use; appliance requires reboot on most changes.

  • WatchGuard XTM 810 Security Bundle v11.5.1

    Strengths: Management; application control features; dashboarding. Weaknesses: None noted.

  • Wedge Networks BeSecure 1005G Anti-malware Gateway v4.0.1

    Strengths: Deploys easily; dashboarding and reporting. Weaknesses: Ability to customize a rule to capture nonsignature-based threats.

The SC Magazine Labs squad reviewed popular Unified Threat Management tools and highlighted the pros and cons of each.