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Weekend news review: April 6- April 10


  • NIST calls for final comments on draft covering sensitive information protection

    NIST and NARA collaborated to produce the final draft of "Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information in Nonfederal Information Systems and Organizations." Read more

  • Revenge porn site operator Bollaert sentenced to 18 years

    Kevin Bollaert, 28, operated the now-infamous revenge porn sites U Got Posted and Change My Reputation. Read more

  • Drive-by-login attack identified and used in lieu of spear phishing campaigns

    A new attack, drive-by-logins, allows attackers to target specific victims on sites they trust. Read more

  • Nearly 75 percent of Global 2000 orgs still vulnerable to Heartbleed

    Venafi Labs researchers found that 74 percent of 1,642 Global 2000 organizations had not completed Heartbleed remediation across all public-facing servers. Read more

  • Cross-platform RAT 'AlienSpy' targets Mac OS X, Windows and Android users

    The AlienSpy remote access trojan (RAT) is being sold to attackers via subscription plans, ranging from around $20 to $220. Read more

  • Malicious Google Chrome extension collected users' data for third parties

    "Webpage Screenshot," a Google Chrome extension, was found to be malicious by two security firms earlier this week. Read more

  • Compromised forums redirect to Fiesta Exploit Kit, distribute malware possibly for click fraud

    Cyphort Labs researchers observed a number of popular forum websites redirecting visitors to the Fiesta Exploit Kit. Read more

  • International effort takes down 'Beebone' botnet

    A botnet of more than 12,000 computers was taken down on Wednesday through a collaborative effort by various international law enforcement agencies and tech companies. Read more

  • Banking threat Emotet expands target list, evades two-factor auth

    The malware, which is still spread through phishing emails, is now in its third iteration, Kaspersky Lab researchers revealed. Read more

  • Researchers identify malware campaign targeting Russian businesses, banks

    The campaign is being referred to by ESET researchers as Operation Buhtrap, and is believed to have been active for longer than a year. Read more

NIST released a draft for final comments earlier this week with a deadline of mid-May. Later in the week, researchers discovered online forums redirecting users to the Fiesta Exploit Kit.For a closer look at these articles, click here to visit our news section.