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Weekend news review: August 18-22


  • Hackers compromise system through Chinese menu

    When hackers were unable to penetrate a big oil company's systems, they got sneaky. The attackers knew the oil company's employees frequently ordered from a local Chinese restaurant, so they infected the restaurant's online menu with malware. When the employees perused food options, they unknowingly downloaded malware onto the company's systems.

  • Community Health Systems breach may impact more than four million patients

    More than four million patients had data compromised after attackers hacked into the computer network of Community Health Systems and installed malware, according to reports. Read more

  • Privacy rights group files complaint over Adobe, AOL Safe Harbor compliance

    The Center for Digital Democracy has asked the FTC to investigate 30 U.S. firms' data collection practices, including Adobe, AOL and Datalogix. Read more

  • AP denied security docs on HealthCare.gov, a risk to private information

    The Associated Press was denied a request made under the Freedom of Information Act for documents that contain security information on HealthCare.gov. Read more

  • Community Health Systems attackers exploited Heartbleed bug for access, firm says

    Sources close to the breach investigation tipped off TrustedSec CEO David Kennedy. Read more

  • Incapsula mitigates multi-vector DDoS attack lasting longer than a month

    Incapsula's scrubbing servers were able to filter out more than 50 petabits of malicious DDoS traffic aimed at a video game company for longer than a month. Read more

  • Study: Most higher ed malware infections attributed to 'Flashback'

    Flashback caused a stir in 2012 when some 650,000 Macs were infected with the malware. Read more

  • Researcher hacks network connected devices in own home

    In his own home, a researcher was able to hack various network connected devices that are not computers and mobile phones. Read more

  • FireEye examines popular Google Play apps, 68 percent have SSL flaws

    The firm analyzed 1,000 free apps in Google Play which were most downloaded by users. . Read more

  • JPMorgan Chase customers targeted in massive phishing campaign

    Roughly 500,000 emails have been sent out so far as part of a massive multifaceted phishing campaign targeting customers of JPMorgan Chase. Read more

The big news this week was Community Health Systems’ massive breach of more than four millions patients’ data. In the meantime, however, a Chinese national was arrested and The Associated Press was denied a request for information. For a closer look at these articles, click here to visit our news section.