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Weekend news review: August 25-29


  • PlayStation Network downed by DDoS attack, other gaming networks hit too

    Gamers were unable to use the PlayStation Network for most of Sunday due to a DDoS attack, and other gaming networks also suffered from similar problems throughout the weekend. Read more

  • New variants of POS malware 'Backoff' found as infections expand

    The Secret Service said that over 1,000 U.S. businesses have been infected with the malware. Read more

  • Study shows how attackers make use of websites existing for less than 24 hours

    Looking at the top 50 of parent domains that produced websites existing for less than 24 hours, researchers with Blue Coat Security Labs observed that 22 percent were malicious. Read more

  • IBM projects 2014 bug disclosures may hit three-year low

    The number of disclosed vulnerabilities is on track to fall below 8,000 this year, a first since 2011. Read more

  • Ground system for weather satellites contains thousands of 'high-risk' bugs

    An audit of the Joint Polar Satellite System ground system revealed thousands of vulnerabilities, most of which will be addressed in two years when the next version of the system is released. Read more

  • Nearly 70 percent of IT pros target of weekly phishing attacks, HP finds

    On Wednesday, HP TippingPoint released its State of Network Security survey which polled hundreds of professionals. Read more

  • Reported breaches involving zero-day bug at JPMorgan Chase, other banks

    Hackers exploited a zero-day vulnerability and gained access to sensitive information from JPMorgan Chase and at least four other financial institutions, reports indicate. Read more

  • Malicious ads impact Java.com, TMZ and Photobucket site visitors, firm finds

    Several high-profile websites were impacted by a malvertising campaign, which Fox-IT helped dismantle. Read more

  • Syrian Malware Team makes use of enhanced BlackWorm RAT

    FireEye analyzed the hacking group's use of the malware, dubbed the "Dark Edition" of BlackWorm. Read more

A DDoS attack targeting the PlayStation Network downed the service for most of this past Sunday, and a zero-day vulnerability was exploited to get access to multiple banking websites. For a closer look at these articles, click here to visit our news section.