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Weekend news review: December 8-12


  • Reboot takes a look at the past, present and future of security

    In celebration of SC Magazine's 25th anniversary, we've expanded our purview to feature those who've paved the way over the years, presenting the industry with innovative technology, thought-provoking security strategies and exemplary leadership. Read more

  • Experts take inventory of Sony Pictures data leak, potential costs

    Information exposed in the breach reportedly ranges from thousands of Social Security numbers to sensitive HR and proprietary data. Read more

  • Study reveals industry pros troubled most by ransomware threat, damage

    A survey of IT security pros commissioned by Malwarebytes revealed that ransomware topped the list of security threats. Read more

  • TD Bank agrees to $625K breach settlement in Mass.

    The 2012 breach, which occurred when two unencrypted backup tapes went missing, affected 260,000 people nationwide. Read more

  • SEO poisoning campaign ensares several thousand websites, security expert finds

    A security expert estimates that around 10,000 legitimate websites were impacted by the campaign. Read more

  • Suit: Comcast public WiFi hotspot network uses home modems, drives up customer costs

    In a class-action suit filed in federal court, a father-daughter duo accuses Comcast of using their routers to create public Wi-Fi hotspots, increasing their electricity costs and leaving them vulnerable to security issues. Read more

  • Hack decodes Android phone, Samsung smartwatch data exchange

    Encrypted communications between a Samsung smartwatch and Android device were easily cracked by Bitdefender researchers. Read more

  • Audit shows University of Maryland security flaws remain

    Citing progress, a state audit report details the vulnerabilities that the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) needs to fix. Read more

  • Study: Malicious social media attacks on the upswing

    Social media represents the next frontier of threats; 2015 will be the year for social media managers and IT security professionals to unite, one study says. Read more

  • Site operator pleads guilty to facilitating prostitution, a first in federal convictions

    Eric Omuro, who also goes by "Red," ran the site myRedBook.com. Read more

  • House, in rush vote, passes Intelligence Authorization Act

    The Senate passed the Act on Wednesday after adding a controversial amendment and the House rushed to pass it with little room for debate. Read more

Sony’s massive breach that spawned leaked emails and movies took over headlines this week. We also launched our annual Reboot section. For a closer look at these articles, click here to visit our news section.