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Weekend news review: March 24-28


  • Huawei responds to leaks detailing NSA hack of firm's networks

    Recent Snowden leaks allege that the NSA targeted Chinese telecom firm Huawei for corporate data, including product source code.

  • Microsoft warns of attacks leveraging Word zero-day, releases temp fix

    Microsoft alerted users that a remote code execution (RCE) flaw in Word 2010 has been exploited in “limited, targeted attacks.”

  • Attackers get cash out of ATMs by sending SMS messages

    Criminals are using SMS messages to get cash out of ATMs, according to experts at Symantec. The crooks begin by loading ATM malware, Ploutus, in the cash machine.

  • President to propose legislation to halt bulk collection of phone data

    After delivering a call for reform regarding the NSA’s mass collection of Americans’ phone data, President Obama is days away from proposing new legislation to end the practice.

  • Bank file class-action against Target and Trustwave over massive breach

    Banks impacted by the Target data breach have banded together to file a class-action against the retail giant, as well as security firm Trustwave.

  • MitM attackers posing as banks, other major groups, tough to detect

    PhishLabs experts have identified a man-in-the-middle attack campaign that involves hackers posing as major organizations, including banks.

  • Study examines erosion of PII as massive breaches persist

    A report investigates how static, or hard to change personal data, like SSNs or dates of birth, are impacted by repeated breaches.

  • Windows trojan packs punch, downloads ransomware "Cribit"

    Users infected with a Windows trojan may be in for another devious surprise – ransomware that encrypts computer files and demands Bitcoin payment to decode the data.

  • Experts demo how Philips smart TVs don’t have smart security

    Researchers with security company ReVuln released a video in which they demonstrated how recent Philips smart TVs are vulnerable to numerous attacks.

Another week in information security brings us major news items that involve more Snowden leaks, the president proposing new legislation on government surveillance, and interesting research by experts that indicates how smart TVs don’t have smart security.