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Weekend news review: May 4- 8


  • EllisLab server hacked, passwords possibly compromised

    EllisLab doesn't yet know who's responsible for hacking into its servers March 24 and potentially compromising customer information. Read more

  • Twin brothers indicted on computer hacking charges

    The brothers allegedly hacked into the website of a cosmetics company and stole customer credit card data and personal information. Read more

  • 'Different looking' Fiesta Exploit Kit leveraged in SubTorrents website attack

    Visitors to torrent website SubTorrents[dot]com are being redirected to the Fiesta Exploit Kit and served malware, according to Malwarebytes. Read more

  • New 'Rombertik' malware destroys master boot record if analysis function detected

    The Rombertik malware goes to extreme measures to avoid detection and cause damage to victims' computers. Read more

  • Mobile threats on the rise, Q1 2015 report shows

    Kaspersky Lab saw 3.3 times as many new malicious mobile programs in Q1 2015 than it did in the final quarter of last year. Read more

  • Study: Nearly all SAP systems remain unpatched and vulnerable to attacks

    Onapsis found that most SAP systems remain vulnerable to attacks that could compromise a company's business data and processes. Read more

  • Millions of WordPress websites vulnerable to XSS bug

    Sucuri disclosed an XSS vulnerability impacting millions of WordPress websites on the same day Fortinet disclosed a bug affecting a Joomla extension. Read more

  • Study: Root cause of health care breaches shifts to criminal attacks

    An annual health care study found that criminal attacks replaced device theft and loss as the leading cause of breaches. Read more

  • Adult websites targeted in malvertising campaign packaging Flash exploit with payload

    Malwarebytes wrote on its blog that this new campaign requires no user interaction to drop the malicious payload on unsuspecting adult website visitors. Read more

This week in new studies, nearly all SAP Systems were found to have major vulnerabilities that remained unpatched and that criminal attacks accounted for the majority of health device data breaches.For a closer look at these articles, click here to visit our news section.