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Weekend news review: November 3-7


  • New version of Backoff detected, malware variant dubbed 'ROM'

    Researchers at Fortinet detailed the new variant on Monday, and urged businesses to keep their AV up to date. Read more

  • Researcher details iWorm infection vector, persistence mechanism, in paper

    Mac users were getting infected by iWorm when going to The Pirate Bay and downloading infected pirated applications, such as Photoshop. Read more

  • Affected by breaches, consumers ready for more intensive security measures

    A new study found that consumers are becoming more aware of security procedures at retailers after breaches have dominated this year's news cycle. Read more

  • Experts share new insight on Sandworm APT exploits, BlackEnergy malware

    The Sandworm Team, a supposed Russian APT group, is known for spreading BlackEnergy malware by way of spear phishing. Read more

  • Researchers observe a new phishing technique

    Trend Micro researchers observed a phishing attack involving the use of a proxy program that acts as a relay to a legitimate website. Read more

  • Study: 68 percent of healthcare breaches caused by loss or theft of devices, files

    Security firm Bitglass analyzed three years worth of HHS breach records for its report. Read more

  • Cousin of Bugat trojan, 'Dridex,' spreads using macros

    Trend Micro detailed the variant and attackers' delivery techniques. Read more

  • Study: Organizations assailed by cyber attacks, 15 percent are targeted

    Vectra's Post Breach Report analyzed data gathered from more than 100,000 hosts over five months. Read more

  • Home Depot announces 53M email addresses stolen in breach

    Home Depot announced on Thursday that approximately 53 million email addresses were stolen in the data breach that the company confirmed in early September. Read more

  • Slew of black marketplaces, including Silk Road 2.0, go dark in Fed sweep

    Seventeen suspected members of online marketplaces, including Silk Road's alleged operator, have reportedly been arrested. Read more

Researchers discovered a new Backoff variant this week. Also, more details came out about the APT group The Sandworm Team. For a closer look at these articles, click here to visit our news section.