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Weekend news review: October 6-10


  • Bash bug payload downloads KAITEN DDoS malware source code

    The purpose is to add compromised systems to botnets that are primarily focused on launching DDoS attacks. Read more

  • Report: After Chase disclosure, bank regulator rallies execs to shore up defenses

    As the extent of the Chase breach surfaces, experts urge financial institutions to prepare for continued attacks or face impending consequences. Read more

  • APT 'Nitro' group attacks again in 2014

    The group seems to have changed up its tactics to target various enterprises this year. Read more

  • Group infects more than 500K systems, targets banking credentials in U.S.

    The group has infected more than 500,000 unique systems with Qbot malware and has sniffed conversations, including account credentials, for roughly 800,000 online banking transactions. Read more

  • Twitter sues U.S. government over sharing limits on transparency report data

    The social media giant believes the limits imposed by the DOJ on data in transparency reports for its users violates its First Amendment rights. Read more

  • AT&T to pay $150M to settle cramming case, covers $80M in refunds

    The settlement marks the largest FCC enforcement action to date, and also involved the FTC and state attorneys general. Read more

  • Study: Average cost of U.S. cybercrime rises to $12.7 million in 2014

    A new study from the Ponemon Institute found that the cost of cybercrime continued its upward trend this year with attackers deploying more complex attacks. Read more

  • Retail applications hit hardest, Web Application Attack Report indicates

    Retail websites were targeted in 48.1 percent of all attack campaigns, whereas 10 percent of attack campaigns targeted financial institutions. Read more

The APT group “Nitro” is back, and Twitter sued the U.S. government this week. Plus, AT&T will have to pay the largest FCC settlement to date. For a closer look at these articles, click here to visit our news section.