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Facebook sends auditors to Cambridge Analytica; FTC reportedly probing

Facebook said auditor Stroz Friedberg was on-site at the Cambridge Analytica offices in London for an audit but was asked to stand down by the U.K. Information Commissioner's office, which is conducting its own probe.

Social media and engineering used to spread Tempted Cedar Spyware

Cybercriminals are using social media and social engineering to dupe victims into downloading Advance Persistent Threat spyware disguised as the Kik messenger app.

New crop of Twitter pornbots found advertising adult sites, misappropriating hashtags

A researcher who in 2016 uncovered roughly 500 bots programmed to automatically create Twitter posts advertising pornography has found that about 20 percent of them were still active two years later.

Twitter spam app plaguing accounts

Cybercrimals attempting to take advantage of Twitter users curiosity over who visits their page are using a new form of bait that advertises the ability to track such visits.

Hawaii slow to Tweet missile alert update when governor forgets Twitter password

Citizens were in a panic for nearly 20 minutes until the state's social media accounts were updated with a false alarm alert.

Turkish hacktivist group hijacks ex-sheriff David Clarke Jr.'s Twitter account

The same Turkish hacktivist group that last week took over the Twitter accounts of conservative media figures Greta Van Susteren, Eric Bolling, and Brit Hume has chosen former Milwaukee County, Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke, Jr. as its latest target.

EFF, Lookout uncover Dark Caracal spy group

A new threat actor named Dark Caracal and operating out of a building operated by the Lebanese e General Directorate of General Security (GDGS) has been fingered by Lookout and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) as being behind cyberattacks hitting thousands of victims in more than 20 nations worldwide.

Former Fox hosts Twitter accounts hacked, peppered with Turkish propaganda

Van Susteren and Bolling are among the 45 Twitter accounts followed by President Trump.

Twitter allows third party apps to be used in 2FA

Twitter recently announced the ability to use third party apps for its two-factor authentication instead of only the option of using SMS messages.

Digmine cryptocurrency botnet spreading through Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the launching pad for a new Monero-cryptocurrency mining bot called Digmine that so far is hitting only a small sampling of nations around the world.

Anderson Cooper's Twitter hacked to insult Trump after Moore loss

Anderson Cooper said he woke Wednesday morning to find his Twitter account had been hacked.

Facebook fixes polling feature bug that could have deleted users' photos

When Facebook debuted a new polling feature earlier this month, it also introduced a vulnerability that could have allowed a malicious actor to delete any photo saved to the social media site.

Former internet troll reveals secrets of Russia's Internet Research Agency

A former insider at Russia's Internet Research Agency (IRA) has divulged details on the online troll factory's operations, stating that he "absolutely" believes the organization is connected to the Kremlin.

Justice must narrow scope of Facebook data request in Inauguration Day riots probe

The ruling prevents the department from reviewing data that identifies third-party users not involved in the organization of the protests that erupted into riots, but who may have had interactions with DisruptJ20's page.

Third-party contractor may have deactivated Trump's Twitter account

Twitter is investigating the incident but two sources told the New York Times the culprit is now believed to be a third party rather than an employee.

Facebook asks users to send nudes to prevent revenge porn

Facebook is asking users to submit their nudes in a preemptive strike to combat revenge porn.

Twitter pledges greater transparency for political ads; House subcommittee mulls proposed rules

Twitter said it will identify ad purchasers, ads and their targets and make that information available for review.

Honest Ads Act broadens social media's political ad disclosure requirements

Online platforms would have to adhere to the same political ad disclosure requirements as broadcast entities.

We Heart It breached, 8 million affected

The online image sharing website We Heart It told its members late last week that more than 8 million of its accounts were compromised in a data breach that took place four years ago.

Clinton calls Assange, WikiLeaks, tools of Russian intel

Clinton told an Australian television program that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange weaponized information that was used against her presidential campaign.

Twitter likely deleted info of interest to Russian collusion probe

Twitter's privacy policy calls for tweets to be deleted from its system after a user deletes them.

Malicious Chrome extension mines Monero, hijacks Gmail and Facebook accounts

A new and very ambitious malicious Chrome extension called Ldi has been uncovered, one that injects the Coinhive cryptocurrency miner into the target computer, accesses the victim's Gmail and Facebook accounts and registers newly created domains in that person's name.

Cambridge Analytica under scrutiny in House committee Russian probe

The company, whose investors include Steve Bannon, amassed and analyzed data from numerous sources, including social media, to develop psychological profiles of voters.

Sandberg to meet lawmakers weeks before Facebook appears at hearings

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg reportedly will travel to Capitol Hill to meet with members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Thursday.

Facebook discloses content of Russian-placed ads

Facebook gave a broad overview of the content contained in the 3,000 ads that were placed on the social media site Russian Internet Research Agency during and after the 2016 election cycle and that were turned over to House and Senate intelligence committees in early September.

U.S. to collect immigrants' social media info

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) had already amended Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) form to request information on immigrants' online personas.

Facebook to release 3K Russia-linked ads to Congressional intel committees

Zuckerberg's announcement came on the heels of Twitter saying it would appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee Wednesday.