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Researchers detect fresh activity in Blackgear cyber espionage campaign

The long-running Blackgear cyber espionage campaign that has largely targeted Taiwanese, Japanese and South Korean targets recently commenced a new operation that abuses legitimate blog and social media sites to establish command-and-control infrastructure.

Twitter suspends Guccifer 2.0, DCLeaks accounts

DCLeaks was used to distribute documents pilfered during the hacks and Guccifer 2.0 posed as a Romanian hacker inspired by notorious hacker Guccifer.

U.K. privacy regulators fine Facebook $660,000 in Cambridge Analytica scandal

The social media giant seemed resigned to taking its medicine, admitting that it should have more thoroughly investigated claims about Cambridge Analytica.

Twitter ditches 70 million fake accounts in May, June

Twitter's efforts may have been responsible for a Monday stock plunge but experts said the company is striking a balance between cost and risk.

Facebook patches bug that allowed blocked friends to see content

Facebook's privacy woes continue with the company having to reach out to 800,000 customers who had people that they had blocked become unblocked.

Facebook makes additional API changes to secure user data

The company said it will be introducing new restrictions and changes regarding the Graph API Explorer App, Profile Expression Kit, Media Solutions APIs, Pages API, Marketing API, Lead Ads Retrieval and Live Video APIs.

Facebook says 61 apps got extensions for collecting user data following 2015 policy change

After Facebook officially changed its policies in May 2015 to restrict the information that app developers could collect on users and their friends, the social media company granted a special extension to 61 developers, allowing them to continue the practice for several additional months.

Facebook quizzes may have exposed 120 million users personal information

Facebook's data privacy woes continue to grow as a security researcher uncovered the social media's popular "tests" not only told users which Disney princess they were, but also exposed the private data of about 120 million people who took the test.

Twitter adds U2F support and other features to prevent phishing, spam and fake accounts

The new feature will help protect users from remote attacks because unlike text message codes which can be intercepted, U2F uses a physical device such as a two-factor keyfob which requires a user to push a button to authorize a login.

Customers still trust social media and messaging apps to secure data, study

Researchers surveyed 1,500 U.S. customers and found that despite recent social media user data controversy, the majority of consumers still trust their apps to use their data in honorably.

Apple discloses new protections against snoopy apps and websites at WWDC event

Apple's newest enhancements to its Safari browser will inhibit websites and apps -- including Facebook -- from using cookies and fingerprinting techniques to track users across the internet.

Buffalo Wild Wings apologizes after racist tirade from hacked account

Buffalo Wild Wings apologized for a series of racist and vulgar tweets sent from its Twitter account which appears to have been hacked Friday night.

Facebook defends sharing user data with mobile OEMs

Facebook is defending its privacy practices again after a report that the social media giant entered into agreements over the last decade to share user data with at least 60 mobile device manufacturers, in an effort to make its services available to device owners via integrated APIs.

N.Y. State, DHS to practice to protect election process

New York State along in conjunction with the federal government plan to hold drills during the weeks preceding the primary elections to help prevent any cyber intrusion into the electoral process.

Facebook 2FA no longer requires a phone number

Facebook has unveiled a new way for its users to set up two-factor authentication for their accounts eliminating the need to register a phone number.

Former Marvel exec Stan Lee claims Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked

Comic-book writer Stan Lee appears to have sent a beacon to assemble his fans and Mark Zuckerberg after discovering his Instagram and Facebook accounts were hacked.

Two alleged Syrian Electronic Army members indicted for spear phishing and defacement campaign

U.S. prosecutors filed an indictment yesterday for two alleged Syrian Electronic Army hacktivists who are accused of compromising news media websites and social media accounts in order to spread propaganda supporting the regime of Sryian president Bashar al-Assad.

Russian operatives accessed voter databases, says Senate Intel Committee

With the 2018 midterms looming, securing the nation's election systems takes on a certain urgency.

Twitter urges users to change passwords after finding bug in password storage system

A vulnerability in the social media company's password storage system left passwords unmasked, the company said.

Cambridge Analytica shuts down, Twitter defends sale of data to firm

Claiming no wrongdoing in the scandal over obtaining the data of unwitting Facebook users, the data analytics firm that took some credit for Donald Trump's White House win, shuts down with bankruptcy looming.

Wylie urges U.S. lawmakers to probe Cambridge Analytica; Kogan faces British lawmakers

Christopher Wylie, the whistleblower who exposed the scheme was on Capitol Hill Tuesday encouraging lawmakers to probe whether the data analytics firm's actions were in violation of U.S. law.

North Korea 'elite' tightening security, increasing obfuscation, abandoning Western social media

The use of internet obfuscation services by the elite, or North Korea's "0.1 percent," increased 1,200 percent since a July 2017 analysis, with significant upticks in the use of VPNs, TOR, VPS and TLS.

Bipartisan Senate bill presses for privacy protections on social media

The bill, penned by Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., and Sen. Amy Kobluchar, D-Minn., would compel social media firms to provide users with a copy of the data that has been collected on them and who had accessed.

Kaspersky challenges Twitter's decision banning company's ads

Kaspersky Lab founder Eugene Kaspersky penned a letter to Twitter Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey defending his compsny's transparency and business practices.

Terbium Labs CEO: We have the tools to curtail fake news, if we'd only use them

We already have the means to significantly curtail fake news campaigns emanating from Russia and elsewhere, but it is up security practitioners, and especially online content and advertising platforms, to meaningfully employ these measures, according to Dr. Daniel Rogers, CEO of Terbium Labs.

Web trackers exploit 'login with Facebook' feature to gather, share user data

Third-party JavaScript trackers that are embedded on websites where users login through Facebook can gather their data, including email addresses, researchers found.

Looking to reduce GDPR liability, Facebook ports 1.5B non-U.S. users to domestic HQ

Facebook is widely seen to have dodged a GDPR bullet in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Social media aggregator LocalBlox leaves 48M records exposed

Social media data aggregation firm LocalBlox left an AWS bucket misconfigured revealing 48 million records gleaned from Facebook and other sites.