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  • RSA 2016: Malware Still Prevalent on Corporate Network, Proofpoint Warns

    It might seem cliché but the biggest vulnerability companies face today is not technological; it's human. Unfortunately, not much has changed in the past half-century.

  • RSA 2016: Gartner Tries To Demystify Security Analytics

    With more companies adding tools that significantly increase the data flows used to analyze network traffic, a mythology seems to have been created surrounding security analytics, Anton Chuvakin, research vice president at Gartner.

  • RSA 2016: Intel Keynote Takes On Infosec Hiring, Data Sharing

    Walk around the show floor at the RSA Conference 2016 in San Francisco and two issues that come up constantly are the sharing of data intelligence and the dearth of talent needed to fill the growing number of information security jobs.

  • SC Congress Chicago: Privacy, security pendulum swings

    The perpetual tug-of-war between privacy versus security is anything but settled as consumers, vendors and their business partners wrestle with the question of the free flow of information versus locked-down privacy controls, panelists agreed at SC Congress Chicago Tuesday.

  • SC Congress Chicago: Definitions may shape cyber insurance

    While insurance companies and corporate boards of directors debate the benefits and drawbacks to buying yet more insurance - this time cyber liability insurance - the biggest gotcha that companies will face might well lie in the dictionary rather than in the policies themselves.