The good folks over at the ISC turned me on to something that I wished I’d known about a long time ago.  Now, I’m familliar with sudo for *nix, but I was never aware of sudo for Windows.  This definatley is a more elegant solution than Microsoft’s DromMyPantsRights.  DropMyPantsRights allows an administrative user on a windows pc to run a program as a user with lower rights (such as IE) – which you need to specify individually.  What a mess!

Sudo for windows works just like sudo for *nix.  Configured properly, you run as a regular (non-admin) user, and when you want to so something that requires administrative rights, you use your own password to authenticate – a much better model.

Please go check out the post at the ISC below, and get your windows users out of the admin groups!

– L 

Sudo For Windows