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Israel comes under cyber attack

Netanyahu among millions exposed on open travel company data base

A data base belonging to the Israeli online travel firm Amadeus was spotted open to the public exposing millions of Israeli travelers, including that nation’s prime minister. Amadeus is used as a booking service for several other popular Israeli travel companies including Inbal, which books flights for government workers. According to, the open database…


HCL employee, customer files found open to public

The digital solutions firm HCL left accessible information belonging to some of its employees and customers. The breach was first noticed by UpGuard when it came across personal information and plaintext passwords for new hires, reports on installations of customer infrastructure, and web applications for managing personnel. Using a keyword search technique that trolls for…

Big Data experts are in demand

Canada’s Freedom Mobile Elasticsearch database exposed

Researchers are claiming to have found an open Elasticsearch database containing 5 million records related 10 1.5 million Freedom Mobile customers — figures disputed by the telecommunications company. Noam Rotem and Ran Locar from vpnMentor said they came across the database on April 17 and attempted to contact Freedom Mobile on April 18 and 23…

Job seeker’s data exposed on open Ladders database

The employment website Ladders exposed almost 14 million user records when it left an Amazon Elasticsearch database unprotected. Security researcher Sanyam Jain found the open server and informed TechCrunch of the situation. After Ladders was informed of the issue the server was quickly taken down the issue is being addressed. The information that was exposed…

Info on 80 million American households found in open database

A cybersecurity research team has found an unidentified open database containing 24GB of records detailing information on 80 million American households. VPNMentor’s research team of Noam Rotem and Ran Locar found the database hosted on a Microsoft cloud server containing extremely detailed information about individual homes ranging from the owners name, address, age, map coordinates… ElasticSearch database left unsecured

The movie streaming service Kanopy has been leaking access and API logs through an unsecured ElasticSearch database, according to a cybersecurity researcher. Justin Paine, director of trust and safety at Cloudflare according to LinkedIn, and blogging under the name xxdesmus noted that since March 7 the site has been leaking up to 40 million log…

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