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How to build privacy for security and achieve sustained compliance

By Paul Iagnocco, director, consulting ,TrustArc Global and domestic privacy regulations like GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are forcing businesses to develop and implement comprehensive data management processes to comply with new privacy requirements. In this age of compliance, privacy strategies have become ongoing initiatives, rather than one-time implementations. New privacy-by-design principles…

Puush urges users to change passwords after cyber attack

Weak passwords outlawed out West, California law aims to secure IoT devices


California passed has just passed a law effectively banning weak passwords and enforcing other security measures to more effectively secure connected devices. While its unlikely individuals or businesses will be raided by local law enforcement for attempting to lock down their computer or Wi-Fi using “Password123,” the new law will require that manufactured devices be…

GDPR: It’s (just about) here


Like many college students who cram the night before a test – and some writers who test the limits of their editors’ patience with their procrastination – many companies have pushed off GDPR compliance, believing either it doesn’t apply to them, it’s too costly or overwhelming or they can afford to wait and see just how serious regulators are about admonishing and fining companies who falter on privacy.

Big mistake.

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