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Huddle House hit with point-of-sale data breach


The Huddle House restaurant chain reported it has closed a point-of-sale data breach that existed one of its third-party vendors from August 2017 until now. The malware resided on a third-party system and exposed payment card information at some of the chain’s corporate and franchised locations. The company became aware of the situation when it…

Discover Financial Services notifies customers of data breach incident


Discover Financial Services has filed a data breach incident notification with the California attorney general’s office that some of its cardholders maybe have had their account information compromised. Discover supplied few details in its Jan. 25 filing and cannot even tell its customers exactly what information may have been exposed, but it did specifically state…

New Magecart group using new tactics hits French ad firm


Researchers at Trend Micro and RiskIQ have pulled the curtain away from a new Magecart sub-group that managed to insert card skimmer code into more than 200 companies by using a third-party vendor as an unwitting accomplice. The new malicious team, tagged Magecart Group 12, managed to inject their malware into the JavaScript library of…

Android trojan scams PayPal users into giving up 2FA credentials


ESET has come across an Android trojan capable of defeating the multifactor authentication required to access the official PayPal app. Multifactor authentication (2FA) has become a keystone for many organizations and individuals attempting to secure their data, but one cybergang has created an app masquerading as a battery optimization tool in third-party Android stores that…

Topeka billing system data breach, 10,000 potentially affected


Topeka’s third-party payment vendor was breached for just over one month possibly exposing the personal information of about 10,000 residents. Topeka officials learned on December 7 when vendor Central Square, which handles the city’s billing payment system, informed the city of the incident, officials said in a statement. About 10,000 people may have been affected and…

Consumers willing to be fleeced for the right Cyber Monday deal


The official start of the holiday shopping is here and even though cybersecurity firms are issuing warnings to help protect online shoppers many consumers may ignore safety advice if it stops them from saving money. A variety of scams have already been spotted, with cybercriminals creating fake store websites, launching shopping-related phishing campaigns and running…

Top online retailers rated for cybersecurity practices


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming only eight days away, and Magecart’s malware being spotted in more than a few retailer point-of-sale systems, consumers should be aware of which online retailers are the best at protecting their customer’s data. To come up with a definitive list LastPass tested the websites of the top 10…

InfoWars online store hit by Magecart


Dutch researcher Willem De Groot uncovered payment card malware operating embedded in the InfoWars online store. InfoWars, which is operated by the radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, told ZDNet that about 1,600 of his customers were affected and those people are being informed their payment card data may have been compromised. De…

British Airways

British Airways data breach victim list grows


British Airways discovered an additional 185,000 customer payment cards had been compromised while investigating an earlier data breach that affected 380,000 customers. The airline said of the 185,000 exposed payment cards 77,000 of the records contained the holder’s name, billing address, email address, card payment information, including card number, expiration date and CVV. The remaining…

Cathay Pacific data breach exposes PII of 9.4 million customers


Cathay Pacific airline reported a data breach today that affected 9.4 million customers exposing a large range of personally identifiable information and a limited amount of credit card data. Airline officials said in a statement that the breach was revealed during a security review when unauthorized access was discovered in the system containing passenger data. The…

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