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Cyber Attack

New and improved Magniber ransomware expands threats within Asia

Malwarebytes researchers have detected the Magniber ransomware displaying notable improvements as its attack begin to expand within Asia after previously limiting its activity to South Korea. The malware has been active since its inception in 2013 and has been distributed worldwide but eventually became a private operation that narrowed its focus on a select few…


Mylobot exhibits never before seen evasion techniques

A highly sophisticated never-before-seen botnet was recently discovered using three different layers of evasion techniques and acts as a gate for additional loads. Deep Instinct researchers spotted the botnet dubbed Mylobot which they described as a complex botnet that uses a never before seen combination of evasion techniques, including usage of command and control servers to…

New SamSam variant requires attacker’s input before infection

SamSam ransomware has once again been spotted in the wild, but this time researchers have spotted a much more targeted variant that requires user interaction in the most recent campaign. Malwarebytes researchers spotted a newer version of the malware which uses modules and interacts differently than the older version.  The campaign was difficult for researchers…

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