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Cyber Crime

Trolley Talk: SC cruises the cable car line with cyber experts

SC Media Senior Reporter Bradley Barth took five cybersecurity experts out on a field trip during RSA 2018, conducting what may be the industry’s first-ever series of interviews on the famous San Francisco’s cable car system — the only one in the world that is still operated manually. (Try hacking that!) Bradley’s challenge: conduct a full interview with…

POS systems point of sale

Malware forces closure of hundreds of Tim Hortons outlets across Canada

A mysterious malware has taken out the cash registers of hundreds of Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada forcing many of them to close prompting legal action from franchise owners. It is unclear what type of malware targeted the systems but sources close to the incident told CTVNews the malware specifically targeted the cash registers making…

Tesla (1)

Tesla’s AWS servers hijacked by cryptominers

The hijacking of Tesla’s Amazon Web Server cloud system by rogue cryptominers is proof that no one is immune to a misconfigured AWS server nor cryptomining attacks. RedLock researchers discovered an unprotected Kubernetes console, belonging to Tesla, that exposed access credentials to Tesla’s Amazon Web Services environment. “Essentially, hackers were running crypto mining scripts on…

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