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Del Rio, Texas ransomware attack knocks city offline


Another city was hit with a ransomware attack which knocked daily services back into the era of the pen and Pad. Last week, the city of Del Rio, Texas was hit with a ransomware attack which forced city officials to shut down the servers at its city hall and deny employees access to the system,…

Stop the presses: cyberattack disrupts distribution of major newspapers


A cyberattack Saturday believed to have been launched by a foreign actor against Tribune Publishing disrupted the distribution of newspapers across the country, including The Los Angeles Times. “We believe the intention of the attack was to disable infrastructure, more specifically servers, as opposed to looking to steal information,” the L.A. Times cited an anonymous…

Electrum wallet phishing and malware attacks net more than $750,000 in Bitcoin


A clever phishing attack targeting Electrum Bitcoin wallets has resulted in the theft of more than $750,000 worth of cryptocurrency at the time of writing. Electrum is a popular Bitcoin wallet which doesn’t require users to download the full blockchain and instead uses servers to remotely provide users with blockchain accessed through their wallet. A…

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North Korean defectors PII exposed


A South Korean Unification settlement camp computer was hacked exposing the names of almost 1,000 North Korean defectors. The hacked computer was located in the North Gyeongsang resettlement center with the attacker gaining access to the defector’s names, birth dates and addresses being compromised, the BBC reported. At this point, the hacker’s origin is not…

FBI shuts down 15 DDoS-for-hire “booter” sites


The FBI seized 15 internet domains associated with DDoS-for-hire services and announced criminal charges against three individuals charged with operating the platforms. On Dec. 19 the FBI seized the domains of 15 “booter” services, named as such because they result in “booting” or dropping the targeted sites from the internet, that allowed paying users to…

Top cybersecurity legislation of 2019


It’s the law…almost 2018 may go down as the year the EU’s GDPR went into effect but legislators domestically kept busy introducing and passing legislation meant to bolster the U.S.’s cybersecurity and privacy postures. California Privacy Act After a rush to get legislation done so a ballot measure slated for the November election could be…

U.S. may be preparing to indict Chinese nationals for cyberespionage


Reportedly the Trump administration is preparing to take action to counter what U.S. officials say are China’s continued efforts to steal American trade secrets. The Washington Post is reporting the Department of Justice will announce indictments of the malicious actors working for Chinese intelligence agencies that are suspected of operating cyberespionage campaigns against U.S. targets.…

City of North Bend hit with ransomware


The city of North Bend, Ore., was hit with a ransomware attack which temporarily locked out city workers from their computers and databases. “One weekend morning a few weeks back all of our servers and things locked up, and we received a ransomware note that said for $50,000 in Bitcoin these people would provide us…

Sextortion scandals add GandCrab ransomware to the attack


In the latest rendition of a sextortion plot that has been using public breach data to trick victims into thinking they were hacked, cybercriminals have added the inevitable ransomware update to the scam. The malware attacks usually consist of a statement that the recipients devices has been compromised with a spyware or a key logger,…

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