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Study finds medical device security pros may have false sense of security


A recent study surveying healthcare IT professionals found while the majority of them are very confident their connected devices are protected from cyberattacks, there may be some disconnects between the perceived level of security and how secure medical devices are. The 2018 Zingbox Second Annual Connected Medical Device Survey sought input from more than 200…


Google, U.S. and Israeli politician Twitter accounts hijacked to promote ‘Elon Musk’ Bitcoin scam


After compromising the Twitter accounts of Target along with several other high profile and verified accounts and impersonating Elon Musk all to promote Bitcoin giveaway scams, cybercriminals have now set their sights on Google. Just two days earlier, scammers were briefly able to get ahold of the Target Twitter page for about a half hour…

Google hit with IP hijack taking down several services


Google G Suite yesterday had much of its traffic re-routed through Russia and dropped at China Telecom, according to the network intelligence company Thousand Eyes. Thousand Eyes at this time reported Google was victimized by a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) hijacking attack. Google confirmed there was an issue, but does not believe it was done intentionally.…

Adobe Utah facility

Recently patched Adobe ColdFusion bug exploited by Chinese APT


A suspected Chines APT group exploited the recently patched ColdFusion vulnerability in the wild by compromising a vulnerable ColdFusion server after directly uploading a China Chopper webshell. The targeted servers hadn’t been updated with the patch released just two weeks earlier. Volexity researchers observed the active exploitation of the newly patched CVE-2018-15961 flaw, a critical…

Huntsville Hospital in Alabama notifies job applicants of data breach


Huntsville Hospital in Alabama is reporting the information of job applicants who applied to the facility may be at risk after a breach at a recruiting firm it uses. The hospital’s online application vendor Jobscience, a cloud computing firm that helps staffing and recruiting organizations, experienced a breach which could affect thousands across the country.…

WooCommerce WordPress flaw allowed unique privilege escalation, 4M users affected


A file deletion vulnerability in WordPress can be used to exploit millions of WooCommerce shops. WooCommerce is a free eCommerce WordPress plugin and the vulnerability allows shop managers to delete certain files on the server and then take over any administrator account, according to a RIPS Technology blog post. Shop managers are employees of the store…

New ransomware spotted using DiskCryptor


A new ransomware was discovered installing DiskCryptor on the infected computer and rebooting the infected device to reveal a customized ransom letter. MalwareHunter Team researchers discovered the malware which used DiskCryptor, an encryption program that encrypts the whole disk and then prompts the user to enter a password on reboot, and noted that it is being run…

Cyberattacks up prior to midterms, 81.5 million voter records threatened


Threat actors are ratcheting up their cyberattacks ahead of the 2018 midterms, exposing voter databases, operating influence campaigns and eroding voter confidence, according to research by Carbon Black. Ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, the security firm’s researchers found 20 different state voter databases containing more than 81.5 million voter records – including names, genders,…

Anonymous knocks out Gabon government sites with DoS attack


The hacktivist group Anonymous reportedly took down dozens of Gabon government websites over the weekend as part of its “anti-dictatorships” campaign. The Agency France Presse reported that Anonymous took credit for bringing down more than 70 Gabon government websites with a denial of service attack. “More than 70 government sites (attacked). All their servers and…

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