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Researchers believed to have uncovered tessa88’s identity

Recorded Future researchers believed they have uncovered the identity of the Notorious hackers tessa88 who has been credited with compromising several high profile databases belonging to companies such as VKontakte, Mobango, Myspace, Badoo, QIP, Dropbox, Rambler, LinkedIn and Twitter, among others. Researchers claim the hacker is actually Maksim Vladimirovich Donakov of Penza, Russia, who has…

Obama talks cybersecurity legislation in State of the Union

Cybersecurity pros tell Trump to heed commission’s recommendations

Cyber industry executives are weighing in on the presidential Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity’s  Report on Securing and Growing the Digital Economy identifying several areas they feel the commission nailed when it comes to improving our nation’s cybersecurity and what the upcoming Trump administration needs to focus upon. All agreed the commission’s report did an…

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