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Rhythm in the algorithm: digital rights groups call on Spotify to abandon voice recognition invention

Activists launched a campaign to pressure Spotify to abandon plans for an AI-powered system that listens to your conversations in order to recommend music choices. The controversy spotlights a challenge faced by some of the most tech savvy companies: how to walk the line between innovation that serves the innate desires of consumers, and violation of their rights for information security and privacy.


Attracting, Retaining, and Training in Infosec

In this interview with Kelly York, security awareness manager at the McDonald’s Corporation, she discusses the state of attracting and retaining talent in information security and also provides some helpful tips that could get you and your business over the hump when it comes to the topic.

Ransomware Threat

Ransomware: Show Me the Money

The effects of ransomware have been devastating to organizations, from locking hospitals out of patient data to police departments that have lost years’ worth of evidence.

The Breach is Not the Problem

The All Powerful Breach…or threat thereof. How often do you, as a security practitioner, get asked by a colleague outside of the security team about the viability of a breach at your organization? Is a breach the meter by which security is measured?  

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