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Shoring up security strategy.

Six Tips for Shoring Up Your SMB Security Strategy

SMBs can’t just throw up their hands at cybersecurity, despite a probable dearth of resources. Since most aren’t likely to magically receive a multimillion dollar cybersecurity budget windfall, we’ve provided our top 6 tips for how to manage security on a limited budget.

What is DevOps

What It Means To Do DevOps

One expert discusses the growing importance of DevOps within the enterprise, the initial steps organizations should be taking to implement a DevOps approach, and how to get buy-in from key stakeholders.

How to Mitigate Cyber Risks through Cyber Insurance

Cybersecurity professionals can provide valuable input in their companies’ procurement of cyber insurance, and should be involved in all phases of cyber insurance procurement and management. Here are some important areas you should focus on.

Threat intel cityscape

How to Leverage Structured Analytic Techniques in Threat Intelligence

Security professionals are over the hype surrounding threat intelligence. Now, they’re aiming to find better ways to operationalize it. In this interview with Digital Shadows’ Rick Holland, he explains why structured analytic techniques are an effective way to make sense and leverage your threat intelligence data.

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