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Thieves nab $60 million in latest heist targeting Japanese cryptocurrency exchange

Another Japanese cryptocurrency exchange was hit as thieves made off with roughly $60 million worth of Bitcoin, Monacoin and Bitcoin Cash. The attack targeted Tech Bureau’s Zaif exchange and took place over a two-hour period on Sept. 14 however, the firm detected server problems on Sept. 17 and didn’t confirm the attack until the following…

Federal agencies fall short on data breaches, GAO report says

National breach notification law would usurp patchwork of state laws

A bill recently introduced by the House Financial Services Committee would amend the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) to include a national breach notification law for the financial industry that would supersede the multitude of state laws. “It is going to take better cooperation from all my colleagues and the industries that handle consumer data in order…


Cobalt Gang phishing campaign targets Eastern Europeans with CobInt backdoor-downloader

The Cobalt Gang cybercrime group has launched a new round of phishing campaigns targeting primarily Russian and Romanian banking customers with CobInt, a recently discovered malicious backdoor and downloader. Written in C, CobInt is comprised of three stages: a first-stage downloader, the primary payload, and a series of modules capable of reconnaissance activities such as capturing…

When cybersecurity pros go bad: Silence cybergang makes noise with $800,000 in ATM thefts

A low-profile cybergang appropriately named Silence specializing in ATM bank theft and possibly comprised of two former or current cybersecurity workers has so far stolen more than $800,000 during a two-year-long crime spree. A Group-IB report examining Silence states the group is likely operated by a small cadre of Russian-speakers, most likely just an operator and a…

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