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DHS issues emergency directive to protect federal domains from DNS hijacking campaign


The Department of Homeland Security’s newly created Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued its first-ever emergency directive on Tuesday, instructing federal government agencies to take preventative measures against an ongoing DNS hijacking campaign that has recently affected several executive branch domains. Cisco Systems’ Talos research unit first reported on the DNS infrastructure tampering in November…

Automatic license plate reader

Ransomware attacks take down Sammamish city hall and Salisbury PD


Two municipalities were hit with ransomware attacks that effectively shut down large portions of their computer networks, restricting access to many records. The affected entities are the City of Sammamish, Wash., and the Salisbury, Md. Police Department. Sammamish city officials deemed the attack, which hit on Jan. 23, severe enough to declare an emergency, which…

Huawei fires company exec arrested in Poland for spying


Chinese telecom manufacturer Huawei has fired a company executive who had been arrested in Poland on charges of spying for China. Weijing Wang, a Chinese citizen, was a director of sales for Huawei. The company said he was fired for bringing disrespect to Huawei, CNN reported. Poland’s counterintelligence agency arrested Wang along with a Polish…

Kaspersky may have helped U.S. catch alleged NSA data thief


After experiencing several allegations of shady ties to the Russian government, in a twist of events it turns out that Kaspersky Lab may have assisted the National Security Agency (NSA) in capturing an alleged data thief. On Aug. 27, 2016, U.S. authorities arrested Harold T. Martin III  then indicted him in February 2017 on 20 counts…

NSA to demo open-source malware reverse engineer tool at RSA 2019


The National Security Agency (NSA) will demonstrate a free and open-source tool for reverse engineering malware with the hopes of improving security rather than undermining it. The agency is advertising the free tool, GHIDRA, as part of its presentation at The 2019 RSA Conference on March 5. “An interactive GUI capability enables reverse engineers to…

Cybersecurity legislation 2018


It’s the law…almost2018 may go down as the year the EU’s GDPR went into effect but legislators domestically kept busy introducing and passing legislation meant to bolster the U.S.’s cybersecurity and privacy postures. California Privacy ActAfter a rush to get legislation done so a ballot measure slated for the November election could be pulled by…

Land of the giants – Cybersecurity in 2018


2018 threw some cybersecurity curve balls but it also looked a lot like 2017…only bigger. Teri Robinson reports. Once upon a time, a Starwood breach exposed 500 million customers… $3.2 billion was lost to phishing attacks… 2.3 billion account credentials were compromised… A ransomware attack on the Sacramento Bee exposed the records of 19.5 million…

FBI shuts down 15 DDoS-for-hire “booter” sites


The FBI seized 15 internet domains associated with DDoS-for-hire services and announced criminal charges against three individuals charged with operating the platforms. On Dec. 19 the FBI seized the domains of 15 “booter” services, named as such because they result in “booting” or dropping the targeted sites from the internet, that allowed paying users to…

U.S. indicts Chinese nationals on cyber espionage charges


Two Chinese nationals associated with the cyber espionage group APT10 have been indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit computer intrusions, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft by the U.S. Department of Justice. The defendants Zhu Hua (aka Afwar, CVNX, Alayos and Godkiller) and Zhang Shilong, (aka Baobeilong, Zhang Jianguo and Atreexp)…

UK businesses far more confident re GDPR than their European counterparts

China behind massive diplomatic cyberespionage campaign


The European Union’s diplomatic communications have been compromised by the Chinese Strategic Support Force (SSF) of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), resulting in thousands of diplomatic cables being intercepted, according to a new report. The report, Phishing Diplomacy, conducted by Area 1, identifies more than 100 organizations targeted by the Chinese government. The initial stage…

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