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Pro-ISIS attackers compromise U.S. Central Command Twitter and YouTube accounts

Report: Hackers hijacking old Twitter accounts to post pro-ISIS content


Hackers supporting ISIS have recently been spreading terrorist propaganda on social media by hijacking old, largely abandoned Twitter accounts that were never confirmed via email by their rightful owners, TechCrunch reported on Wednesday. Generally, the impacted accounts were inactive for long periods of time before they were taken over. Reportedly, many were compromised over the…

WSJ gets a slice of PewDiePie


The Wall Street Journal was hacked and had a page defaced by the apparent fans of the online personality PewDiePie. The defaced page contained sponsored content, but was altered to show an apology by the Journal to Felix Kjellberg who runs the PewDiePie YouTube channel. The page was taken down, but a copy has been…

Syrian Electronic Army claims it obtained U.S. Central Command docs via hack

Researchers: Syrian Electronic Army targeting secure messaging app users with spyware


The Syrian Electronic Army hacker group has reportedly been investing heavily in a scheme to infect Android device users with a spyware tool hidden inside fake app updates. Known for its ardent support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the threat group is targeting in particular  users of secure messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. The SEA is…

Anonymous knocks out Gabon government sites with DoS attack


The hacktivist group Anonymous reportedly took down dozens of Gabon government websites over the weekend as part of its “anti-dictatorships” campaign. The Agency France Presse reported that Anonymous took credit for bringing down more than 70 Gabon government websites with a denial of service attack. “More than 70 government sites (attacked). All their servers and…

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Saudi investment conference website hacked, defaced


The website of the Saudi Arabian investment conference, referred to as “Davos in the Desert,” was hacked Monday and desecrated with anti-Saudi messages and a “Photoshopped” image of Crown Prince preparing to execute journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in early October.  The defaced website, which included messages calling…

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