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Identity and Access Management

Finalists: Best Identity Management Solution

Confirming that a user is who he or she claims to be involves far more than entering credentials. Today’s environment requires that all individuals have a digital identity, which determines what they can access and how. That requirement is all the more complex when extended to a cloud environment, or when trusted partners are factored…

Managing identities has become the first line of defense

Food banks have been a common site around the country as a result of the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic. Today’s columnist, Johanna Baum of S3 Consulting, says as we face continued economic uncertainty and a work-from-home culture, managing identities has become the first line of defense.

The case for making all accounts privileged

When we think of privileged accounts, we think of Unix root accounts or Windows domain admins. We think of database administrator accounts, service accounts, shared accounts, and so on. But we should treat every account as a privileged account.

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