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Insider Threat

Tesla (1)

Tesla hit by insider saboteur who changed code, exfiltrated data


Tesla has routed out a saboteur who changed code on internal products and exfiltrated data to outsiders, damaging company operations and possibly causing a fire, CEO Elon Musk told employees in an email. “I was dismayed to learn this weekend about a Tesla employee who had conducted quite extensive and damaging sabotage to our operations,”…

Coca-Cola hit with insider breach, 8,000 affected


The Coca-Cola Company announced a data breach today possibly affecting about 8,000 workers due to a former employee having in their possession an external hard drive containing employee personal data. Bleeping Computer is reporting that Coca-Cola was told by law enforcement officials in September 2017 that a former staffer of a company subsidiary had been…


Raspberry PI attack compromises networks, steals admin credentials


Kaspersky Lab researchers developed a proof of concept attack that encourages IT pros to think twice about how insider threats can compromise networks. While other attacks can be carried out which exploit physical access to devices, researchers noted this attack is special because it can be carried out by anyone who has physical access to…

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