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Insider Threat

How to Stop the Insider Threat from Switching Off Your Security Lights

By Armaan Mahbod, manager, insider threat analyst team, Dtex Systems You’ve spent millions on security. You have the latest and smartest firewalls installed. You have deployed cutting-edge AI-powered antivirus solutions. Phishing emails are stopped cold by your expensive anti-spam and email security gateway solutions, some of the time at least. You are using a CASB…

Coca-Cola hit with insider breach, 8,000 affected

The Coca-Cola Company announced a data breach today possibly affecting about 8,000 workers due to a former employee having in their possession an external hard drive containing employee personal data. Bleeping Computer is reporting that Coca-Cola was told by law enforcement officials in September 2017 that a former staffer of a company subsidiary had been…

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