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DoD faults NSA for lax security implementations, Sophos report

A number of initiatives to strengthen security were mandated at the National Security Agency (NSA) following the leaks by Edward Snowden of 1.5 million documents, but implementation of those procedures lacked teeth, according to a report by the Department of Defense (DoD). The 61-page report from the DoD’s inspector general on the NSA’s putting into…


C-suite: Cybersecurity is #1 issue, ISA report

It’s been a topic of discussion for some time: Cyber threats are serious risks to enterprises and it is the responsibility of the boards to provide oversight. The problem, according to a new blog post written by Stacey Barrack, senior director of the Internet Security Alliance (ISA), is that most of the team members comprising…

Insider threats changing security spending, report says

Workers like to circumvent corporate cybersecurity policies, study

Dtex Systems researchers found that 95 percent of enterprises surveyed had employees who are actively circumventing corporate security protocols. Dirty minds and common vices were the driving force behind the majority of protocol breaches as 59 percent of the organizations had experienced instances of employees accessing pornographic websites during the work day and 43 percent…

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