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Meet the 2021 SC Awards judges

Introducing our esteemed panel of judges for the SC Trust and Excellence Awards, cybersecurity leaders contributing from health care, engineering, finance, education, manufacturing, non profit, and consulting, among others.

Influencer of the Year | Sounil Yu creates ‘must-have playbook in modern information security programs’

Sounil Yu, who recently took a new position as CISO and senior vice president for research at for JuniperOne, developed the Cybersecurity Matrix, giving security decision-makers a clear, one-page visual representation of all the vendors they rely on, which cybersecurity function they fulfill and where there may be gaps in coverage.

CIO of the Year | Cara Babachicos revamps access management amid exploding patient volume

Cara Babachicos of South Shore Health emphasizes virtual care and remote monitoring technology to enhance the patient experience and allow care in the home, and rolled out an advanced electronic health records and system integration effort – recognizing and addressing the risks to sensitive data both can introduce if not properly implemented.

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