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4 Ways to Strengthen Your Third-Party Risk Management Program

Security practitioners consistently deal with a slew of issues tied to protecting their organization’s most critical assets. When asked what keeps them up at night, it’s an endless list that features connected devices, shadow IT and making sense of the security and risk organization to board members.

How Baylor University Approaches Its Security Challenges

Colleges and universities are generally considered settings for learning, openness, and ideas. Students and professors alike are encouraged to explore new thinking and push boundaries. The best academic universities on the planet have entire departments focused on researching subjects unconsidered universally.

The Security Practitioner’s Future

Several years after the introduction of DevOps, the security community continues to laud the method while scant few developers are hopping on the bandwagon. One of the issues is that “security” isn’t part of DevOps. 

What You Missed at Cloud Security World 2016

Cloud Security World 2016 finished up on Wednesday evening after two days of conversation around all-things-cloud security. “We’ve seen this before,” was a common refrain, and thankfully attendees have moved past the points of denying the existence of cloud services connected to their organizations and saying that cloud is “the largest” security concern.

The “War” on Cybercrime isn’t Helping

Security is often a battle. In one corner we have the security team warning the rest of the business of the dangers of “X” or fighting to implement new policies and technologies that will help keep the business secure. In the other corner we have lines of business wanting and needing faster, better, more profitable enablement tools and processes.

Avoid Being the Infosec Scapegoat

During the recent EuroCACS conference Raef Meeuwisse, Director of Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Governance at Cyber Simplicity Ltd., referred to the CISO as the “Chief Information Scapegoat Officer,” based on an article posted on Infosecurity Magazine. 

Remote Execution

Not even spring breakers, coffee makers, movers and shakers, or working-from home fakers…” This is the voiceover from a Kraft Macaroni & Cheese commercial. Even a company that manufacturers processed foods with no discernable nutritional value pits “movers and shakers” against work-from-home employees, as if, inherently, anyone who regularly works outside of an office is lazy and has questionable ethics.

Where You Lead, I Will Follow

Recently I was having a conversation with a good friend, a good friend who also happens to be a leadership and communication expert. We were discussing the topic of leadership in the security industry and how, while there are many bosses and executives, there are few truly excellent leaders in security today.

Don’t Fall in Your FUD

Have you ever slowed your car while driving to gawk at an accident on the side of the road, or been frustrated by the car in front of you that did? Have you caught yourself mesmerized by a ridiculous YouTube video?

Where Will You Find Your Next-Generation Workforce?

The entire security industry knows we have a staffing problem. With demand for security talent far greater than supply, companies with the right resources are positioned to lure top talent from competitors while everyone else is scrambling to find anyone with adequate technical acumen to learn the craft.

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