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Should You Be Paying Attention to Airborne Attacks?

Should You Be Paying Attention to Airborne Attacks?

It’s no mystery that the world of cybersecurity constantly faces a massive challenge. It has to pre-empt attacks, predict how hackers will use new attack vectors, and defend their environment against all existing attacks and attacks that may not even exist yet. In this feature, we go over one of the more obscure, but dangerous and difficult attacks to defense against—airborne attacks.

Cybercrime Extortion in 2019

Cybercrime Extortion: 2019 Trends and Insights

Cyber swindlers are continually looking to reinvent themselves, and their methods are becoming savvier. InfoSec Insider caught up with Digital Shadows CISO Rick Holland on the recent research that his team has conducted on cybercrime extortion, and how security practitioners can secure their organizations don’t fall prey to these attacks.

A Hacker's Easiest Target

Your Weak Physical Security Could Be A Hacker’s Easiest Target

While having strong IT security in place to secure sensitive data on devices and networks is critical, ensuring your organization practices strong physical security is equally important. Organizations need to prevent attackers from being able to walk in and walking out with data, systems, physical documents, or worse – a new connection to your network as a persistent threat.

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