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SW Labs | Review: RiskIQ PassiveTotal

RiskIQ is a great example of where the freemium model works best. They’ve built an essential research tool, so even if someone wasn’t interested in their digital risk protection product, when a new offering like Illuminate comes along, RiskIQ has another opportunity to inform and upsell freemium users on new products.

SW Labs | Review: Intrigue

While some ASM products left us wondering where the details were and other products buried us in discovered assets with no prioritization, Intrigue strikes a solid balance between the two.

SW Labs | Review: Randori Recon

The most notable aspect of Randori’s product is that it is split into two parts: Recon is a fully automated SaaS product that gathers information about a company’s exposed digital assets through both passive and active methods. Randori’s other product, Attack aims to go deeper with Recon’s findings.

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