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First Look: ReversingLabs Titanium Platform

Company Name: ReversingLabsProduct Name: Titanium PlatformBasic Price: Starting price is $10,000 for threat intelligence integrations and web offerings with volume-based pricing for large scale deployments.What it does: A machine learning hybrid cloud platform that harvests thousands of file types at scale to minimize threat detection lead time.What we liked: Detailed threat analysis of network traffic…

Threat Profiling in the ICS World: What You Need to Know

Threat Profiling in the ICS World: What You Need to Know

There are a slew of threats aimed at industrial control systems, and security warriors in that space need to constantly be on their toes. We caught up with Sergio Caltagirone, vice president of threat intelligence at Dragos, who shared how infosec pros in the ICS world can get started with threat profiling.

Should You Be Paying Attention to Airborne Attacks?

Should You Be Paying Attention to Airborne Attacks?

It’s no mystery that the world of cybersecurity constantly faces a massive challenge. It has to pre-empt attacks, predict how hackers will use new attack vectors, and defend their environment against all existing attacks and attacks that may not even exist yet. In this feature, we go over one of the more obscure, but dangerous and difficult attacks to defense against—airborne attacks.

The Thrill of the Hunt (Threat Hunting, That Is)

The term threat hunting has been tossed around a lot, but what does it actually mean and can your cybersecurity playbook benefit from it? Many organizations are tapping into its benefits, so we’ve decided to provide you with a breakdown in this feature article.

Threat intel communication

How to Communicate Threat Intelligence to the Board

Cyber threats are top of mind for board members, but communicating cyber threat intelligence may not be the easiest task for security leaders. In this recent interview with Tim Callahan, senior vice president and global security officer at Aflac provides some helpful tips that could go a long way.

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