Taming Compliance: One for all, and all for one!
Taming Compliance: One for all, and all for one!

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eIQnetworks - Taming Compliance: One for all, and all for one!

With bad behavior comes more regulation and that means regulatory oversight will continue to increase and put more pressure on overworked security and compliance groups. Whether it's PCI, HIPAA (and successors), NERC/FERC, or FISMA, organizations of all shapes and sizes tend to have to deal with not one, but many regulatory hierarchies and multiple audits. In this “10 Minutes On” SC Magazine webcast, Mike Rothman, SVP of Strategy for eIQnetworks will discuss an approach to provide leverage in both security and compliance operations.

Attendees will learn:

  • How converged security and compliance operations minimize wasted effort
  • The logic of harnessing the overlap between major regulations
  • Whether automation will help or hinder the situation

Featured speaker:
Mike Rothman, Senior Vice President of Strategy, eIQnetworks, Inc.

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eIQnetworks helps large enterprises manage security operations and comply with regulations. eIQ's SecureVue proves “log data is not enough,” analyzing and correlating log, configuration, asset, performance, vulnerability, and network flow data offering the capabilities of SIEM, log management, configuration audit and compliance reporting in an integrated platform. www.eIQnetworks.com