Spanish authorities over the weekend busted a group of young hackers accused of targeting a number of U.S. and foreign government websites.

Five hackers -- known as the D.O.M Team and ranging in age from 16 to 20 -- were charged with compromising roughly 21,000 web pages over two years, according to published reports. Targets included Asian, Latin American and U.S. government agencies, but a statement from the National Police agency in Spain did not specify which ones.

A Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, reported in March that one of the U.S. targets was NASA. A spokesman for the space agency did not return a call by seeking comment.

The paper also reported that the hacker team was responsible for intrusions into the website for Venezuela's telephone operator.

The group apparently broke into websites to prove the sites are vulnerable to attack and were not out to cause financial harm

The suspects were arrested in Barcelona, Burgos, Malaga and Valencia.