Infrastructure and IT services provider Redstone Managed Solutions has acquired Tolerant Systems, a UK network security company.

The deal will give Redstone exclusive rights to sell Computer Associates AV and anti-spyware products. Tolerant Systems, based in Stoke-on-Trent, has an annual turnover of £5.8 million and employs 37 staff, according to the company.

- SecureWave, a whitelist policy control company, has announced a partnership with patch-automation firm PatchLink to provide an enterprise solution that aims to protect networks against all known and unknown security threats. Integrating the technologies from both companies should streamline the patching process, potentially saving enterprises considerable sums, according to SecureWave. Last month, PatchLink appointed Patrick Clawson, formerly of CyberGuard, as chairman, chief executive and president.

- McAfee has upgraded its auditing, risk management and compliance packages. McAfee Foundstone Enterprise 5.0, a priority-based vulnerability management solution, and McAfee Preventsys Compliance Auditor and Risk Analyzer both allow automation of security compliance reports. The company says the new products will provide customers with a unified view of vulnerability, configuration and compliance information. The packages are available now at around £70,000 for a perpetual licence with 10,000 live IP addresses.

- Trend Micro has launched InterScan Gateway Security Appliance, aimed at medium-sized businesses. The company says the appliance incorporates anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, content filtering and URL filtering, as well as a heuristic anti-bot functionality called IntelliTrap. A spokesman said: "As bot signatures change so rapidly, there's little point in using signatures to detect them. Instead, we look for the signature of the tool used to create them." This involves checking whether an executable is self-compressed or not and cross-referencing this with both black and white lists, according to Trend Micro. Prices for the InterScan Gateway Appliance start at £2,365, plus maintenance costs.

- Dave Endler, director of security research at TippingPoint, unveiled a suite of 13 tools for VoIP phones with co-researcher Mark Collier at the BlackHat conference in the Las Vegas last month. He defended the release of the software against warnings that the tools would overload phones with traffic. "Obviously, releasing any security tools is a double-edged sword in that you can't restrict who has access," he said. The tools focus on VoIP systems that use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which is not yet widely used in VoIP implementations.