Nigerian comedian arrested for online fraud; mobile phone worm stopped.

UK A "vicious, vitriolic and vindictive" cyber stalker has been sentenced to six months in prison and given an ASBO. Felicity Jane Lowde was convicted of harassing Rachel North, a survivor of the July 2005 London bombings, through threatening messages on North's blog and answer phone. Lowde accused North of exploiting her survivor status to make money.

- Spain Police have arrested a man in Valencia they think was responsible for a string of mobile phone virus attacks, following a seven-month investigation. The 28-year-old is accused of infecting up to 115,000 Symbian mobile phones with 20 variants of the Commwarrior and Cabir worms. Each worm apparently contains a reference to Leslie, alleged to be the suspect's fiancee.

- Italy Police in Milan have arrested a gang of 26 people following a series of phishing attacks. The group is accused of conducting a widespread phishing campaign targeting postal operator Poste Italiane's home-banking services. A clone of the website in a spam email convinced victims to enter their details, which were then used to empty their accounts.

- Czech Republic TV viewers in Prague got a shock when a mountain beauty spot became the apparent site of a nuclear explosion. Early-morning show Panorama normally displays calming countryside scenes. Czech Television said hackers had gained access to a system operated by a sub-contractor and that its lawyers had been instructed to take appropriate action.

- US Two men have been convicted for their role in an international spam gang. James Schaffer and Jeffrey Kilbride's porn spam campaign generated earnings of more than $2 million (£1 million), and over 600,000 complaints from AOL users. The two face up to five years in prison for each spam act and obscenity offence, along with a fine of up to $500,000 (£245,000).

- Nigeria More than 100 West Africans have been arrested in Amsterdam after a seven-month investigation into online fraud. The arrests include Nigerian comedian and actor Nkem Owoh, who found international fame with his anthem for 419 scammers, "I go chop your dollar", which was eventually banned in Nigeria after numerous complaints.

- Romania A hacker accused of breaking into federal US networks has appeared in court. Victor Faur faces 12 years in prison if convicted, according to reports. He has also been indicted by US authorities, who claim $2 million in damages occurred during the attacks on servers owned by NASA, the department of energy and the US Navy between November 2005 and September 2006.

- China AV firm Rising Tech and Russian rival Kaspersky Labs have continued their war of words ahead of a pending lawsuit from Kaspersky. Rising Tech has alleged Kaspersky made 'six serious mistakes' involving AV definition files in recent weeks. The row began in May when Kaspersky allegedly issued an anti-virus update that misidentified Rising software as potentially malicious.