In a flurry of mobile security announcements at the 3GSM World Congress, both Kaspersky and Sophos have announced handset anti-virus products, while McAfee produced a "change of strategy".

These announcements mean that almost all the major players in AV have at least one mobile AV product, in spite of a widely acknowledged lack of actual attacks.

Kaspersky's Anti-Virus Mobile runs on the Symbian and Windows mobile platforms, while Sophos has aimed at Windows first, with a Symbian offering to follow.

"The mobile threat is small, and we must be proportional in our response to it," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos. "However, as more smartphones come to market and are adopted into the workplace, the theft and loss of corporate data can be a potential threat."

McAfee, meanwhile, has decided that the handset install market is too immature, and is to concentrate on security at the carrier level. Jan Volzke, head of worldwide marketing at McAfee Mobile, said: "We've seen a linear increase in mobile malware since 2001, and there's a lot of effort going into producing malware that will work cross-platform, such as through J2ME and SMS."