Reboot 25: Thought leaders
Reboot 25: Thought leaders

These professionals have done everything from cryptography to founding an influential security conference.

Joshua Corman, chief technology officer, Sonatype

The most popular phrase to come out of the Spider-Man stories – “With great power, comes great responsibility” – hit close to home for Joshua Corman, CTO at Sonatype, who longed to be a superhero at a young age, but settled for being a protector in the IT security world. Corman believes that great power comes from protecting technology. Exposed to technologies at a young age by his father – whom he cites as an inspiration – Corman's interest grew into a successful career where he is considered a respected innovator. Prior to joining Sonatype he held prominent positions at Akamai Technologies, The 451 Group and IBM Internet Security Systems. In addition to his work at Sonatype, he's on the adjunct faculty for Carnegie Mellon's Heinz College, IANS Research and he is a fellow at the Ponemon Institute. Most recently, one of Corman's proudest achievements is co-founding I Am The Cavalry, a cyber safety advocacy group that focuses on issues where technologies may impact public safety, such as the automotive industry's increasing move to make cars more connected. “As a father and citizen of the world, I am doing my best to cause these conversations and innovations with the public, public policy and the affected industries to ensure that this dependence we place on technology remains worthy of that trust,” Corman says. “I founded I Am The Cavalry because as our statement says, ‘Our dependence on connected technology is growing faster than our ability to secure it.'”

Jack Daniel, strategist, Tenable Network Security

Considered one of the industry's leading voices, Tenable Network Security Strategist Jack Daniel is a figure widely known and respected. With more than two decades of experience in network and system administration and security, it's fair to say that Daniel has seen his fair share of security scenarios, but when he started out it was really about just getting the job done. “The fundamentally unsecure systems of the 1990s and my inexperience led to problems and mistakes which I could not afford to repeat,” Daniel says. “Once I began to focus on security issues I realized that I really enjoyed the challenges and began to focus on security as more than just a job.” That focus has spawned into a successful and prominent career that frequently has him speaking at conferences – such as Shmoocon, DefCon, DerbyCon and the RSA Conference – where security professionals are always eager to hear his take on pressing topics. In addition to being the co-host of Security Weekly and creating updates on his notable “Uncommon Sense Security” blog, he constantly works to maintain and expand the Security BSides community, an industry framework he co-founded that organizes and hosts security conferences around the world.