TippingPoint -  Securing the Next Generation Data Center
TippingPoint - Securing the Next Generation Data Center

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TippingPoint -  Securing the Next Generation Data Center

The network security industry has witnessed shifts in three major areas. Compliance has gained tremendous traction as organizations are dealing with multiple regulations to mitigate the risk in data loss and application downtime. Second, the convergence of multiple security functions into products that support a single function has evolved to include policy management integration. Third, the consolidation of data center infrastructure is being driven by virtualization tools, such as cloud computing models. In this 10-minute webcast, Roark Pollock will discuss how business benefits could be undermined by rising security exposure and the complexities of today's evolving threat landscape if the right protection is not in place.

Featured speaker:
Roark Pollock, leads Worldwide Product Marketing, TippingPoint

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TippingPoint is a leading network security company offering security appliances and solutions that secure the next-generation data center for enterprises, government agencies, service providers and academic institutions. TippingPoint leads the advancement of network security with a modern network security platform and intrusion prevention system (IPS). To learn more about the TippingPoint N-Platform, visit: www.tippingpoint.com/n-platform