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More staff cyber-security aware following WannaCry devastation in May

If there was a silver lining to the WannaCry attacks it was to raise awareness of the dangers of networked systems and encourage more non-technical people to learn more about malware.

Cash, confusion or cyber-warfare: what really motivated NotPetya attack?

Monetising a global ransomware attack on the scale of NotPetya is all but impossible without getting caught. So if not cold cash, what was the motivation behind it?

Netherlands nearly up to speed in cyber-security, says readiness report

The Netherlands has made great strides in implementing its cyber-security strategy, says latest CRI report, but still needs to address issues with funding and decision-making.

[Updated] Nomx 'secure email server' challenged by British researchers

The CEO and CTO of nomx LLC has vigorously defended claims that his product is not secure after it was hacked by British security researchers Prof Alan Woodward and Scott Helme.

Lauri Love appeal against US extradition gets go-ahead from High Court

The High Court in London says there are grounds for security researcher Lauri Love to challenge his extradition to the US to face multiple charges of computer misuse.