Top 10 Ways to Ensure Your Security Operation Center Fails
Top 10 Ways to Ensure Your Security Operation Center Fails

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The business of running a Security Operations Center (SOC) is a difficult one. Who has the time to retain the right people, build comprehensive processes and procedures, and implement a robust Security Event and Information Management (SIEM) infrastructure? Those tasks require time, expertise and experience. Would you like to take a shortcut? This session will give you the tips and tricks based on actual client engagements that you'll need to side-step, bypass, and throw out the rigorous project needed to make a successful SOC. Need a SOC up and running in two weeks, but don't necessarily care about it running one year from now? This session is for you.

Featured speakers:

Davi Ottenheimer, Director of Compliance Solutions, ArcSight
David Mackey, Engagement Manager, ArcSight

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