Trojan News, Articles and Updates

FBI, DHS report details new North Korean trojan

Some of the positive vibes taken away from President Trump's recent meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un may be tempered following a joint DHS-FBI report detailing a new trojan dubbed Typeframe being used by the Hermit Kingdom.

MysteryBot Android trojan aims at banking apps

Security researchers have discovered a new type of malware that combines three-legged threat with a banking trojan, keylogger, and mobile ransomware in one package.

Rubella Macro Builder cybercrimeware kit receives lower price, new capabilities

Russian hackers have taken a shine to a new cybercrimeware kit called Rubella Macro Builder that is being touted as fast, cheap and capable of beating a basic antivirus defensive system.

Dofoil trojan spotted and stopped after 400,000 instances recorded

Microsoft said it discovered and stopped a large attack that attempted to use variants of the Dofoil, or Smoke Loader, trojan to spread a cryptocurrency miner.

Zeus Panda targeting holiday shoppers

With just a few more shopping days available before Christmas, cybercriminals are taking advantage of online shoppers' frenzied buying habits by injecting the Zeus Panda banking trojan into a wide range of retail and travel sites, along with spreading the malware through malspam.

Fake Gunbot Bitcoin tool spreads Orcus RAT via spam

A remote access trojan is targeting Bitcoin investors using spam emails claiming to advertise a new Bitcoin trading bot.

Cryptoshuffler trojan diverting bitcoin payments to criminal's pockets

Cryptocurrency mining may be all the rage right now, but some malicious actors are finding it easier to use a specialized trojan that simply steals the money right out of a digital wallet.

Elmedia unknowingly distributed OSX/Proton malware

A trojanized version of Elmedia Player software was seen being distributed via Elmedia's own official site in the late hours of Oct 20, 2017.

Check Point: Locky second most wanted malware for October

Locky ransomware made an unexpected jump into second place on Check Point's Most Wanted Malware of the month list, but was unable to unseat Roughted malverstising software for the top spot.