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Two-Factor Authentication, Smart Cards, Tokens

RSA SecurID Passage

RSA is usually associated with token solutions, providing dynamic one-time password facilities plugged into back end authentication servers like RSA’s ACE/ Server. But there are times when a token is not ideal: you have lease costs to consider, the server-side requirements are relatively high and inexperienced users can find one-time passwords tricky to handle.

DeXa.Badge/Smart Login

The Schlumberger DeXa.Badge is not so much a single product, more of a secure identity philosophy. Potential use of the associated chip cards could range from simple intranet/internet secure login, to a full blown certificate-based enterprise deployment for local and remote access, physical access control and other related applications.


This product concentrates on hard disk data encryption. However , it does include a VPN client integration for IPCrytor VPN gateways, which is a remote access solution. Encryption may be in relation to your own local hard drive, or a specific directory or folder on the corporate LAN.

ActivCard Gold/Trinity

ActivCard Gold provides the expected functionality for securing the desktop, remote network access and access to web services, via digital signatures stored upon a smartcard. Appropriate software utilities are provided to manage these functions. However, the ActivCard approach goes one stage further by adding biometrics technology to the mix.

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