Unleashing your log power to do more with less
Unleashing your log power to do more with less

Unleashing your log power to do more with less

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As organizations continue to deal with the growing number of compliance regulations, information protection and security risks in these uncertain times, they have to figure out how to do more with less. Changes are happening, and organizations now need access to terabytes of historical data for analysis that encompasses not just log files, but other data types. Organizations need to find ways to manage all this data cheaper and better, by deduplicating efforts, collecting and archiving data for reuse for many purposes. Organizations also need to gain better visibility into their data by easily cross correlating their data and tailoring work flow to meet their unique needs. This webcast will cover what top organizations are doing to cut IT costs, drastically improve IT performance, monitor system activities, and meet ever more stringent security and compliance requirements - all with log data already being generated.

On this webcast, you will learn:
• How the information security landscape is changing
• Why every bit of data matters
• What you need to do to ensure your company is protected
• How Log data can enable you to protect information assets
• How to reduce Infrastructure costs, mitigate risk in seconds & improve availability

Featured speakers:
Jon Olstik, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Security Group
Chima Njaka, Director of Product Management, LogLogic

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LogLogic® (www.loglogic.com) is the leader in log management, compliance management and security management solutions designed to improve accountability and lower costs for organizations of all sizes. LogLogic's unique open log management platform enables customers to collect, search and store 100 percent of IT log data for a comprehensive fingerprint of past and current activity across any organization. Powered by the industry's leading open log management platform, LogLogic's business applications correlate user activities and event data in real-time for a unique integrated approach to security event management, database security management and compliance management with industry and government regulations.