Cybersecurity Training and Awareness: The state of the human element in cybersecurity

On-Demand Event

The need for all-hands, no-exceptions cybersecurity training and awareness is beyond dispute. But what does a successful cybersecurity training and awareness program look like today?

SC Media will host a two-day event focused on this topic on Dec. 7-8 to help cybersecurity professionals design and implement the awareness and training program that’s right for their organization — its culture, counterparties, and employee community. This interactive learning program will feature experts on security awareness program development and technologies who will discuss the discipline’s state of the art and lead a deep dive on topics including:

  • Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce and turning them to your advantage
  • Building security into the fabric of your culture
  • Understanding the threat of business email compromise and why it persists

    To gain knowledge and perspective that will help you build cybersecurity buy-in from your company’s entry level to its C-suite, register now.

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