Malware Analysis: Taking incident management to the next level

Live Broadcast Tuesday, October 5, 2021 - 10:45 AM EDT

Earn up to 3 CPE credits by attending this virtual conference.

Malware analysis is an increasingly important tool in an organization’s incident-management toolkit — enabling it to determine the source and potential impact of an intercepted virus, worm or trojan. Malware analysis can also help a target company assess damage and data loss, respond accordingly, and reset defenses going forward.

Please join SC Media for a half-day virtual event — October 5 — that will bring you up to speed on a capability of increasing relevance to companies across a broad range of sizes and sectors. Key discussion and presentation topics will include:

  • Proven tools and methodologies that detect and mitigate malware attacks
  • Establishing a malware analysis capability that suits your organization
  • A look over the horizon at tomorrow’s malware threats

To determine if malware analysis has place in your security plan, register now.


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