Zero Trust in Practice: The Art of the Possible

On-Demand Event

November 11-12, 2020 10:30 am – 4:00 pm EDT

Is it time finally for zero trust skeptics to take a closer look? Originally proposed by a Forester analyst in 2010, the zero-trust security model gained steam as high-powered companies like Google embraced it. But for most organizations, the concept remains daunting on its face: Continuous verification? Permission every data transaction? Create and enforce departmental barriers at a time when my company is trying to tear them down? For information security leaders at these companies, zero-trust models appeared to be well out of reach.

But the skeptics’ ranks may be thinning. With a majority of threats already known to emanate from within the enterprise walls, the castle-and-moat analogy once commonplace among security professionals is laughable. Meanwhile, the challenge of verifying the digital identities of a pandemic-dispersed workforce is leading an increasing number of security departments to adopt a zero-trust framework — one that takes seriously the challenge of bringing employees’ anywhere-anytime activities under control.

Zero Trust in Practice: The Art of the Possible — a new SC Media virtual conference — will tackle an increasingly important subject. Scheduled for November 11-12, this unique learning and networking opportunity will help you understand the leading strategic approaches to adopting a zero-trust model. The event will feature leading experts who will dive deep into the discipline’s key components, including:

  • A comprehensive review of a full zero trust architecture
  • Where organizations struggle in reaching zero trust
  • Gaining granular visibility into your network
  • How remote work creates an invisible perimeter

The security leader of today has no choice but to trust no one. Doing so may require a strategic approach. Register now.

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