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Catbird 6.0

One area of difficulty in virtual data centers is compliance monitoring. This is such a big driver that just about every security vendor claims its product or cloud service provides it. The fact is that “compliance” has become such an over-used hypeword that it almost has no meaning anymore. Until, that is, you come across…

PrivateCore vCage

Secures servers with software-based attestation, full-memory encryption and OS hardening, providing a foundation for trusted computing.

Co3 Systems: Simplifying incident management

Co3 Systems is a cloud-based service that takes everything one needs to know about their organization, meshes it with an extensive knowledge base, procedure and law, and walks responders through the response to a breach.

McAfee MOVE Anti Virus

McAfee has successfully brought together the application of a centralized policy engine – ePO – with its anti-malware capability in the physical world.

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