Visualizing Risk - Measure Twice, Act Once
Visualizing Risk - Measure Twice, Act Once
Visualizing Risk – Measure Twice, Act Once

Date: Wednesday, March 28th
Time: 11:00 a.m. PT/ 2:00 p.m. PT
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The challenge every security pro faces each morning is “what to do first?” Big picture planning, threat detection, refining operations and automating compliance clamor for attention every day. How to be most effective? By consistently making fact-based decisions, based on operations data, that reflect your organization's priorities.

Mountains of data - configurations, change information, vulnerabilities, network traffic – is collected daily in your infrastructure. But your team lacks both methods and tools to visualize and assess this relentless flood. So taking action that feels right can raise your risk posture, compromise policy compliance and halt business operations.

First Securosis' Mike Rothman will provide an overview of the issues and principles of fact-based network security and propose a philosophy to guide data-driven decisions. Remember that having metrics and using them effectively are totally different.

Jody Brazil will then introduce FireMon's new Risk Analyzer solution, which provides both security strategists and SOC teams with the real-time visibility and analysis needed to confidently take the most effective steps to reduce risk and improve security.

Featured speakers:
Jody Brazil, president and CTO, FireMon
Mike Rothman, analyst and president, Securosis

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